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Improve the Internet speed in the Philippines

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Everything is relative and the few who can afford a Php20,000 monthly service fee for a 100Mbps fiber connection at home would tell you otherwise.


But when we see hard numbers across Asia and globally comparing the average internet speed of the Philippines with other countries, we always lag behind in numbers.


We’re not that ambitious to compare ourselves to the blazing fast connections of Singapore, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea but at least our numbers should be within the range of contemporaries such as Malaysia, Vietnam and Indonesia.


Two sources frequently publish reports about internet speeds. One is Ookla and its very popular SpeedTest website and the other is Akamai that has analytics on everyone that accesses their Content Delivery Network (CDN) mirroring popular sites like Google, Facebook, Yahoo and YouTube.

There was a time when having an unlimited dial-up account at home is already a luxury. Having access to the internet, even at maximum speeds of only 54Kbps, was the most liberating and addicting as you get instant access to vast information and online services. It was also very expensive — about Php5,500 a month, and unless your job requires and can justify for it, your only other viable option is a Php50-an-hour session at a nearby internet cafe.

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