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Started by Rike Gold

Husband visa Abuse is one of the outrageous reasons while women are subdued to emotional, psychological and financial abuse from their husbands,  due to the fact that, they don't want to be sent back home nor divorced. 

It is very disheartening to see many Expatriate's or diaspora' wives going through alot silently especially,  because they don't have a job nor means to takecare of themselves and children.

I implore or appeal to the UAE Government to adjust this visa issues on the negative impact on women, some left their career, job, business,  even their personal lives in order to support their husbands,  but at the end of the day, it becomes a misery on their part.

It will be a step forward and an encouragement,  if the government can make sure any Expat( Husband) with great position or jobs with family write an undertakings, not to cancel his wife visa without any further explanation or reason. 

So many cases of women back home,  specifically,  the Africans on the experience they went through due to being under Husband visa in the Gulf countries and non-citizenship.

Some cases were from women in UK, US, European countries but were still able to survive due to longer residential visa or citizenship. 

I hereby summon my courage and experience to share and call on my fellow citizens,  women, men, wives, Government,  Ambassadors and the UN to make an amendment to this petition. 

8 have signed. Let’s get to 10!