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Give Canadians the right to choose, the right to fight and the right to life

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I want to see change for people with illness whether it be critical, terminal , palliative or otherwise.

I was diagnosed at age 18 with Osteosarcoma same bone disease as Terry Fox. I was not give the chance to fight for my life as the oncologist refused to operate to removal the primary tumor in my left tibia. Only reason given was too many metatisistc nodules in his lungs. 

Chemo was working extremely well from Pet Scan in January to the comparison in March. But still I was taken off the chemo that was saving my life for no reason. 

I made it perfectly clear I wanted to live, even at the expense of having my leg amputation done April 4th, 2017 but it was cancelled. With no warning or reason. 

During this entire time I was bed ridden and in large amounts of pain from my tumor. I feel it was cruel and tourching treatment I would not even allow for an animal little own a human. I am 18 years old and no matter what the out come please allow me to decide my own path of my Right to Choose, My Right to Fight and my Right to live... 

We had to move across Canada to seek help from Ontario, which finally began my journey to help with my right to fight like Terry Fox and right to make my choices and my right to live , how ever long I have on this earth. 

I am now an amputee with tumor removed from my left tibia with a pathology report of 99% neurosis. I  am out of bed after almost a year living in pain from the tumor. I am now receiving my very first prosthetic leg end of January to walk after over one year in bed suffering.

Please stop this from ever happening to another person . Give them their rights back, under no circumstances or labels should any person have the power to take away your rights to live.

Thank you,

Spencer McFarlane 

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