Get my baby boy leon home

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I was diagnosed with anorexia at the age of 16/depression went for treatment for this and no longer a issue.Reccently been Diagnosed with DID (multi personailtys) The social services scum have yet involved again with me and my son. We have gone threw the court process , we haven't had a final hearing yet but they are going for adoption in march. I have had alcohol problems on and of for over years. Before my son was born I stopped drinking . My social workers know this is a on going issue , With the trigger on my son being removed from my care it triggered bad habits again but slowly stopping drinking again. I went to residential unit when he was 1 (hes now 3) Passed and proved the ED Etc did not affect my parenting at all (there still saying this now) I find the reports this " child whoever fuck she is" Lied in all the reports (may I add she works for social services) Said the DID was massive danger for my son. There is no evidence of that nore half the crap she said. My son loves me / misses me when on  some occasions for meeting reasons I have to miss contact he says I love you dad and he loves me they don't seem to understand that, they want to go there selfish ways and rip a child who loves his father away from him. If my issues affected my parenting that much he would not be like that at all.Help me get my son back

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