Freedom for Egyptian Human activist Sherif Gabar

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Police in Egypt have arrested an Egyptian human rights activist blogger who has been detained for several times for promoting his views on religion, Sherif Gaber posted on Wednesday 4 May 2018 on Patreon  said: “I’m supposed to be travelling to Malaysia on 12:05 Cairo time. An hour from now. The police took me and made me wait in this room for 2 hours and I’m still waiting. They took my belongings and my passport and I don’t know what’s going on. If I didn’t update u an hour from now know that I was arrested. I will delete this since they will search my mobile. I hope u read it through Email. Don’t share this message unless 2 hours. I will update u if they didn’t arrest me.”

on April 25.Gaber was detained in 2013 for allegedly promoting atheism, which can be punished in Egypt under a law that bans "insults to religions".

Sherif Gaber’s YouTube channel has run since June 2015 with content mostly in Arabic and has over 147,000 subscribers. Videos are also collected on his website He talks about women’s rights, sexual minorities, atheism, and the values of science and reason, who face rampant government persecution and social violence in Egypt.

The IHEU, a London-based organization that describes itself as the "global representative body of the humanist movement," called for Gaber's immediate release. "The rights of non-religious people to the freedom of expression are just valid as the rights of the religion to their own freedom of belief and expression,"

the group's president Andrew Copson said in a statement. "Egypt has been systematically violating those rights and we call on the Egyptian state to respect human rights, desist from its campaign against atheists, and abolish the 'blasphemy' laws expression,"

As Humanist Rights activists and Secular people who seek"freedom of speech'' in Islamic countries, we ask Egyptian authorities to release Sherif Gabar immediately, Please sign this petition to make this request happen.