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This petition will help educate all people around the world that we should not just leave humanity decision up to the government to decide what is just or unjust, but the people democracy is a must when it comes to human rights around the world. I am US Citizen living currently in Berlin Germany being treated worst than refugees. 

The German government has taken my three children from my wife and I for the past three years because of them quoting that my daughter when to school and said that she was abused by me as her father and still up till today the German government does not have any solid evidence that was accused against me is true only hearsay. 

I have had more than eight lawyers that could not do anything but take my money and than later the lawyers give-up because they say that the child protective services in Berlin Germany, as well as the family court, is the mafia and no one can win the case even when innocent.

It is crucial that we spread light on this issue and raise awareness because it is nothing but evil and it is truly modern-day slavery. The government in Berlin Germany gives you a piece a paper to tell you that we have taken your children with no signs of trying to find the truth about the family and no eagerness to give our three children back to my wife and I which are also US Citizens. 

The German Government in Berlin Germany have overstepped their boundaries with kidnapping three US Citizen children for three years now. They took my twelve-year-old daughter her name is Precious, My son Elijah who is eleven years old, and my son Nehemiah who is nine years old. If the German Government was serious about the safety of my children why did they leave my five-year-old daughter Israel to continue to live with me, and my son Isaiah of two years of age. 

Normally, you would secure the smaller children before securing the older or just take all of the children but because they did not have solid evidence they could not just remove the children from my wife and I. The sad thing is if I knew that they would take my children from the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin Germany I would not have allowed them to continue in such a terrible school amongst teachers and principals that destroys families.

My daughter Precious who is twelve years old begged my wife and I that she did not want to go back to the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin Germany because the German and American teachers in the school would take her to separate rooms and her questions that made her uncomfortable such as:

Are you sure that you and your brothers belong to your mother and father because your father and mother are dark skinned and you and your brothers are light skinned? This type of statement by the teacher is total RACISM and it cannot be tolerated. 

They asked my daughter whether or not she dresses herself to come to school as well as her brothers?

Because our children always wore nice clothes when they attended the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin Germany.

Also, my daughter Precious came home crying from John F. Kennedy School a few weeks before January 16, 2016 one of the teachers called the police and child protective services on me because my daughter was crying that four boys in the John F. Kennedy School grabbed her from behind and squeezed he buttocks forcefully and she felt violated. Two of the boys out of the four boys that acted out in this manner their parents are currently teachers at the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin Germany.

I went to the school and mentioned this incident to the American principle at John F. Kennedy School and I was aggrieved and I wanted to speak to the parents of the four boys that violated and tortured my daughter. The principal stated that he would get to the bottom of it and he would make sure it would never happen again. I warned him seriously if it happened that I would file a police report against the John F. Kennedy School and the parents of the four boys that acted out in unacceptable behavior.

Two weeks later, the school calls the police on me that my daughter said that I was abusive to her and since this incident with the John F. Kennedy School in Berlin Germany my wife and I are fighting to get our three children back.

Also, we have tried for the past three years to work with the US Embassy in Berlin Germany to get our children back but the US Embassy in Berlin Germany excuse is that they are bound to the laws in Germany even though my three children are US Citizens they cannot remove my children from the German Government. If I was guilty of abuse as the father I would be in jail but the German Government along with the child protective services take my children to allow me to walk around in an open prison while they keep my children in a village we do not know.

When I could see that US embassy in Berlin Germany was not taking my family situation serious I go in contact with my Congressman and Senator to put pressure on the US Embassy in Berlin Germany to see about the whereabouts of our three children and the US Embassy in Berlin Germany promised that they were in correspondence with the German Government weekly and since I went through my Senator and Congressman they will forward the feedback my Congressman and Senator and then I will get my responses accordingly. 

Nevertheless, I called the US Embassy in Berlin Germany to ask when would be the next date that they would see our children and they stated that they would see my children on the 23rd of October 2018 and I asked them when was the last time you saw my three children that US Citizen and the Chief Consular stated that is in November 2017 so I was distraught because I asked the Chief Consular it took one year to see my three children that are US Citizens and the Chief Consular had no answer just complete silence, because they do not care and they should be fired ASAP! 

I am US Citizen and I pay my taxes for people that are working for the US Government and they do not do their job to make sure that US Citizens living abroad do not be treated worst than refugees. Enough is enough and this must change today!

Our petition is to raise awareness that our three children that are US Citizens who are being held hostage by the German Government in Berlin Germany should release the three US Citizen children back to their parents and if they are not ready to do that they should give the children back to the US Government because my country is a rich country and the US Government can decide whether or not I am fit to father my children or not.

We Need Change,

Micah Abraham


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