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Fight Modern Patriarchy With Spaghetti Straps

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Woman, are constantly degraded and as soon as we're born, we're taught to be ashamed of our bodies. In fear of dressing a certain way, woman have been oppressed and we need a change. In high schools, boys are practically allowed to wear what they want, when they please. Girls on the other hand, can't wear spaghetti straps, they aren't allowed to wear shorts unless they're past their fingertips. Some schools go as far as to banning shorts completely, in fear of "distracting boys". In 80-100+ degrees, teenagers as a whole should wear what they want freely, in order to feel comfortable and focus on their education. People assume girls don't get distracted, and only worry for the teen boys' sake. Why do we live in a world where a woman's choice of clothing chooses who she is as an individual, who she's sexually active with, and why do most men assume a woman's clothing determines consent? People have sexualized women so much, that they can't even dress how they want, the 1600s are over, it's 2018 we need to move on, women aren't objects and submissive beings for mens' sexual desires. Teenage boys, should learn to respect women, vise versa. (this is not meant to generalize the male population, this is just to prove that there are faults within the dress code systems in school district and I would advise that they be re-written in a reasonable fashion)

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