Facing 25 yrs to life for something I did not do.

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My names Erica Caldwell I'm an African American who is facing serious charges. I was accused of threatening a white female, the nature of the case is Witnesses tampering. The female in question was a friend of my family and myself before any of this took place. She said I insinuated threaten her with witchcraft to change her story. I am a God fearing person I try to help anyone I can, my brother live with me and the girl was dating him after she broke it off with her daughter father. So the girl is very close to me. One of my brothers and my fiancé was arrested on an armed robbery charge against the girl in question and in return she wanted to right the wrong or so I was told by her. She wrote an affidavit and she told me to send it to her after we went over the details on wording it and she told me to send it to her from my email. I trusted her and she turned it over saying I made her do it by insinuating threaten her with witchcraft. She have to 2 children one new born at the time and a toddler. She would ask me for help with them and being that I love children I did just that. Gave money for food, milk, and pampers for them. I been knowing her for about 6 years. So we were close. I have an appointed lawyer. I can't afford one on my own and the prosecution knows this and they know I didn't do this yet they are saying I did to convect me wrongfully. When the affidavit was presented, officers came to her place of work and arrested her and scared her by saying she can be arrested for pergury and they offered her a way out if she say someone threaten her or bribed her and she said I in fact did what they wanted her to say. They placed a warrant out for my arrest and bail was set at $250,000 I turned myself in and my family hired an attorney to lower my bail to $100,000 with 10% so I'm out on bail with the service of a bailsbond. My family was able to pay 1% of $10,000 and I'm making payments to stay home. $350 every 2weeks. I lost everything and when I came home I had to start over. I got a new place and with the payments of the bail and my rent it's hard to get an attorney to help me fight against this situation I'm being so wrongfully accused of. 

I made some bad decisions in my life in the past but I'm not a bad person. I never hurt anyone in my life. I help anyone I can, I have such a big heart and I trust and see the good in people even when they don't see the same in me. 5 years ago I was in an accident and my doctor at the time placed me on strong pain Meds and I got addicted to them. He was being investigated and he cut me off after I was on them for some time. I began to get sick and I wasn't in my right state of mind so I obtained my Meds by fraud and I owned up to it. That was a very bad time in my life then. I was arrested and placed on probation I had 2 charges in two counties Middlesex and Mercer of New Jersey. My charges was ran current. And being that I reside in Middlesex county, they supervise me while I was on probation. I never provided a dirty urine, I completed all my conditions, and I paid off all my fines. Before my fines were paid off I ran over time before my sentence was up for Middlesex but due to me having time left for Mercer county they never released me for Middlesex after my fines were all paid off. At the time of my arrest in May I had only 2 months left on probation and I violated. Middlesex counted it due to an extinction that they had a judge sign off on. They then were able to have ledvage on me. And on my very first violation they want me to do a prison sentence on that. The judge I was switched to is very strict and they knew if my case would be seen before the judge I have now they can get her to do what they want. I paid for my mistakes and now because of hate they are doing this to me. I'm asking for help. Can you stand with me to fight against the system that wants to put me away all because I'm different.