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Enact a Concrete Plan of Action Ending Transphobia/Gender Bias at HRC

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After so many years of the same embarrassing and costly slaps at the transgender community, HRC has continued to not address the root problem within their organization – transphobia and gender bias. This is simply unacceptable on all levels and threatens the very foundations of equality and directly harms and continues the oppression to the transgender community.

HRC has a fundamental oppression problem within its culture and behavior. Calling for equality for the transgender community while simultaneously suppressing the community is hypocritical and severely damaging to the very individuals they solicit funds to defend.

Being a global leader in the equality rights movement in the United States requires a standard of behavior that represents ALL individuals without oppressing the very groups HRC claims to be working for and soliciting funding for.

A cultural shift is required within the organization- this petition calls for a transparent and documented public process by HRC to provide for:

1. Direct PUBLIC TRANSPARENT Plan of Action to end the transphobia and gender bias that is consistently acted upon by their employees and staff.
2. Direct actions against those that exercise transphobia and gender bias towards the transgender community in their employment at HRC.
3. Concrete milestones of transforming the HRC out of the systematic oppression of the transgender community.
4. Termination of those employees that publicly and internally continue oppression of the transgender community.

HRC MUST BE ACCOUNTABLE for their failure to provide corrective actions within their organization for the continued biased actions of their staff. Without a public plan of action to change the culture of transphobia and bias, HRC will continue to damage the very community it purports to help by creating systematic oppression.

HRC MUST demonstrate through a concrete plan of action how they intend to rid their organization of the transphobia and gender bias that has plagued the movement, the HRC, and significantly impacted the transgender community.

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