Petition Update

HRC Employee Karen Quimby - HRC Southern Regional Field Director

Allison Woolbert
Princeton, NJ

Apr 2, 2013 — The HRC employee who was responsible for last weeks transphobic episode of asking for the transgender flag to be removed was none other than Karen Quimby, the Southern Regional Director for HRC. This was not a person who had a limited amount of information or was ignorant of transgender rights, but is instead a leader of HRC in one of the most transphobic zones in the United States.

Ms. Quimby has a reported long history of LGBT activism and political actions according to her bio on the HRC Website (see below).
I would venture to say that having a person with such bias directly connected to one of the worst transphobic areas in the US is simply unacceptable.

HRC must ask for Ms. Quimby to resign over her actions and put someone credible with ALL communities in the positions. The Southern Region deserves someone with knowledge and respect for our community.

Dr. Quimby's HRC Profile is attached.

Karin Quimby | Profile
Karin Quimby | Profile
Karin Quimby joined the Human Rights Campaign in February 2010 as Regional Field Director. She manages the field and political activities in the Southern region of the United States, developing field organizing plans and implementing strategies to elect fair-minded candidates and to pass pro-equality federal, state and local laws.