Daughter tries to go with her father to lifelong imprisonment

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Daughter tries to go with her father to lifelong imprisonment


Mr. Satchidanandam Anandasuthakar who was a LTTE soldier, was arrested in 2007 for abetting an act of violence and was convicted and sentence to life imprisonment in 2017.

According to the people who knew him and his relatives, he was not an active member of the LTTE compared to some who have been released by the Sri Lankan Government. The entire charge was based on his own confession which was obtained under torture and duress.

The poverty of this man and the ignorance of his wife were the other factors, which could not help him to come out of the life imprisonment while others who had enough money were able to escape out of the country.


He married Yogarani and they had two children Kanitharan (13) and  Sangeetha (11). Sadly, Yogarani (32) passed away due to ill health last week leaving both the children homeless. Relatives cried on the day of last rites that stress caused by long term imprisonment of her husband contributed to Yogarani’s health deteriorating.


Now this happened that S. Anandasuthakar was given a short time to pay his last respect to his beloved wife and see his motherless children. At the end of the all the rituals, all who were present including the police persons who brought him in high security were not able to control their tears when Sangeetha (11) the second child got into the bus with her father to go to jail because she had nobody else to be with. This gesture of the child shook everyone there and this image of the grief stricken children and the daughter trying to aboard the prison bus with her father has broken many hearts in Sri Lanka and the world.


What can we do about this? The Constitution of the Democratic Socialist Republic of Sri Lanka (as amended up to 15th May 2015) says in Article 34.. that the President can grant a pardon. His Excellency the President Maithripala Sirisens has recently shown to the world how kind hearted he was when he met young children in public and at their residencies.


Considering the state of that poor, grief stricken child Sangeetha I earnestly urge you to think about Mr. S. Anandasuthakar and his children future and pardon him his guilt.


Thank you