An ethic cleansing is taking place in Eastern Sudan & this urgently needs to stop

An ethic cleansing is taking place in Eastern Sudan & this urgently needs to stop

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10 features of the full crime scenario at the hands of the security committee against the Bani Amer and Al Habab component in Port Sudan!
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1 - Thatcher moves through the streets of Dar Al-Naeem without plates; An army of one component, blocking the main street of the Dar Al-Naim neighborhood, and 500 meters away from it, the gangs of gongs are infiltrated; Everyone inside Dar Al-Naim will have to cross next to it. This same army storms the Al-Mirghaniya neighborhood and shoots bullets to intimidate a certain component of the neighborhood (the component of Bani Amer and Al-Habbab, who make up 10% of the neighborhood’s population, which is mostly Bedouin).

2- The homes of the Bani Amer and al-Habbab component in particular in the Al-Mirghaniya neighborhood are marked with red cross signs at night so that homeowners wake up from that component in the morning and find these strange red marks on the walls of their homes 10 days before yesterday’s attack. Which the army used to start shooting in the air inside the Al-Mirghaniya neighborhood to frighten certain residents, and then when the residents fled for fear of bullets; Gangs of gongs rob the homes of a specific component only and burn them under the cover of the army.

3- Information about the arrival of 3 buses of Negros to Port Sudan.

4- The overseer of the wise prince Ali Mahmoud launches an initiative for peaceful coexistence in Port Sudan and demands the Beja and all components for peaceful coexistence from within the Prime Minister’s office through a televised speech, then on the second day exactly the Security Committee in Port Sudan responds to his speech by renewing the fighting in the city.

5- Some preachers of sedition, such as Syed Abu Amna (the political secretary of the Turk Council) wink from the channel of the initiative of the Nazir Ali Mahmoud for peaceful coexistence in the city of Port Sudan, because it is a call that contradicts the speech of the Turk Council. (Ali Mahmoud, the overseer of al-Amr, the large Bejawi tribe whose historical lands extend from the south of Halayeb to the borders of Suakin, including Port Sudan and to the west of Port Sudan) is a overseer who loves peace and goodness for all the people of the Red Sea.

6- A demonization speech by Bani Amer and Al-Habbab, describing all of this component as foreigners day and night, and a demand to review the identities of the owners of this component specifically through Facebook pages such as the page of the racist Onur Hebna, and through words in his gatherings. He described the politicians of the Bani Amer and Al-Hbab component as Eritrean jihad groups and refugee camps (I personally have been accused by the Afak, Mr. Abu Amna, of being a refugee who lived in refugee camps!).

7 - Reaching the matter to a degree of brazenness that reviewing the identity of the components of Bani Amer and Al-Habbab is a condition in a paper adopted by the government of the Red Sea governor about peaceful coexistence between the components of the city!?

8 - Salah Gosh and Muhammad Taher Aila (who were born in eastern Sudan and two strong men in the defunct regime of Bashir, one of whom was a candidate to succeed al-Bashir - Gosh - and the second was the last prime minister who was uprooted by the revolution) their fingerprints are clear in the chaos of the city they know as the palm of their hand
89- Conditions of the leaving of the stranger council and its closure of the national road,

10- A weak wali who suffers from permanent forgetfulness and belongs to a small Bedouin tribe.

All of these data, if they do not fully indicate a complete crime, are constantly being manufactured by the Security Committee with the aim of spreading sedition in eastern Sudan as a single-key bet through the demonization of the Bani Amer and Al-Habbab component; to abort the revolution; What does it indicate?

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