An Appeal to The UN Committee for Human Rights in Kashmir

An Appeal to The UN Committee for Human Rights in Kashmir

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An Appeal to The UN Committee for Human Rights in Kashmir

We are devastated by the extreme deterioration of Human Rights circumstance in Kashmir.
Time has come to end brutality, demand peace and basic human rights measures, a break in the painful loops to relieve suffering of humanity.

As the world’s most powerful tool in addressing conflicts and fostering reconciliation, we request United Nations to conduct peacekeeping operations and hold mediation sessions with both states in order to bring resolution to this matter.

Kashmir is a contested locale among India and Pakistan, which has vitiated the political condition of the Indian Subcontinent. The Kashmir issue remains as a calamity for about six decades and there has been no advancement in settling the issue. It is encompassed by Pakistan in the west and China grasps it in the east. The Indian areas of Himachal Pradesh and Punjab are in the south. Its northern edges contact the fringes of Afghanistan as well. The region is well known for its extra-customary regular magnificence and assets. By and by, the northern and western sides of the district are involved by Pakistan while the southern and eastern parts are constrained by the Indian Union. For more than six decades, the area has been crushed by showdowns between the two nations. The two India and Pakistan are atomic forces and on account of another shooting war between them; the whole subcontinent including Kashmir might be pulverized. By and by, it is at the strategic hyper purpose of the reciprocal connections between the two nations.
Since 1989, the individuals of Kashmir were murdered, tormented, embarrassed, and harmed. A huge number of the individuals were slaughtered because of cycle of savagery common in Jammu and Kashmir. A large number of the individuals got wounds and they ended up incapacitated to work. Many are the individuals who lost their adored children's, little girls, sisters, moms, and ladies have lost their beloved spouses who were their only saqource of care for the household. Because of strife circumstances, a large number of the houses and shops were burnt.

Presently India has repudiated Article 370 of their constitution and evacuated the 'Unique Status' of Kashmir which shielded the privileges of the Kashmiri individuals, a move which has been unequivocally denounced by Indian restriction in Parliament and Pakistan and is an immediate infringement of the UN goals and Indian constitution. 

 Reasons for the Conflict:
To comprehend the reasons for the contention, the noteworthy Partition of India must be referenced. Under the British Rule, Indian Subcontinent was fundamentally occupied by the two noteworthy religious gatherings, Hindus and Muslims. The two networks had cordial connections and they offered an assembled battle to accomplish freedom from the British Rule during the later 50% of the Nineteenth Century. Be that as it may, propensities of strain between the two networks ended up compelling with the pass of time. Power governmental issues between All India Muslim League and Indian National Congress (the two noteworthy political forces of the unified India) finished at far reaching common strain and savagery during the 1930s and mid 1940s. Thus, the epic undertaking of apportioning India wound up unavoidable. After the Partition in 1947, Pakistan rose as a Muslim ruled state while India rose as a mainstream, fair nation. Also, the region of Kashmir, which is arranged at the outskirt of the two nations, got tangled and entangled between them.
Course of Pakistan / India Confrontations:
1940 – In the Lahore Resolution, M. A. Jinnah puts forward the Two-nation Theory and the demand of Pakistan is raised.
1946 – Muslim Conference takes on the Azad Kashmir Resolution.
October, 1947 – War breaks out between India and Pakistan over the Kashmir issue.
1965 – Indo-Pak War breaks out again. Pakistan is defeated and the Tashkent Pact is signed.
1971 – Indo-Pak War breaks out once again over the East Pakistan.
1972 – East Pakistan is liberated and the Bangladesh Republic is formed.
1978 – Military Rule in Pakistan. Proxy war with India begins. Pakistan affirms its support for the separatist organizations in Punjab and Kashmir.
1999 – Kargil War takes place between India and the Pakistan backed infiltrators.
2008 – Successful Assembly Elections in the Jammu and Kashmir State in India. National Conference emerges as a major political power in the state.

Human rights maltreatment in Jammu and Kashmir are all around reported. The claims go from mass killings, constrained vanishings, torment, mass assault and sexual maltreatment to political restraint and concealment of the right to speak freely.  
We have to prevent Indian occupied Kashmir from mass decimation and human rights infringement in the wake of renouncing Article 370 and ask International establishments and discussions to maintain the UN goals of self assurance for the Kashmiri individuals. Kindly offer and sign the request.

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