Distribute the Quarantined People to respective Districts in Assam.

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As per the Guidelines for Quarantine Facilities COVID-19 given by National Center for Disease Control.  

2.0 Evaluation  of Potential sites for facility based quarantine is important for preparedness planning. Requirements for setting Quarantine Centers are as under:

  • preferably placed in the outskirt of the Urban/City area (can be a hostel/unused health facilities/building etc.
  • away from the Peoples reach, crowded and populated area.
  • well protected and secured.

But setting up of Quarantine Centers in Prashanti Lodge and Sahara Lodge which in the middle of the Crowded Town (RNB Road) and Quarantine Centers like Law College Near DTO has no boundary in it worried common people residing by side and it does not fulfill the requirements or the provisions of setting Quarantine Centers as instructed by the NCDC. SAI Quarantine Centers which is attached to residential area is no less than a matter of concern.

So we the People of Kokrajhar are very much worried and in desperate panic condition. As many Quarantine Centers are being made in the heart of the Town whereas as per guidelines Quarantine Centers were asked to be made on isolated area despite this guidelines or Provision Assam Govt have set up many quarantine centers in crowded town in Kokrajhar which is condemnable. There are as many as 17 Quarantine Centers in the District most of which are in the area bordering Town itself and some are within it. Kokrajhar as a Quarantine District Zone cannot hold the load of 9 different districts of State.

So we the Kokrajharian demands for justice and appeal to the Govt of Assam to kindly re-distribute all the Quarantined Individuals to their respective Districts for the greater interests of the common People and also request the State Govt to kindly initiate the acceptable process of Quarantining Persons coming from abroad States with proper facilities.

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