Access to Internet in Darjeeling which is Banned by the Govt. of West Bengal.

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Right to Information and Access to Internet are one of the  fundamental rights of the citizen of the world today.  The same has been seized by the Govt. Of West Bengal in the Hills of Darjeeling to sabotage the people's movement of Gorkhaland where the Gorkhas are demanding for their own State. The atrocities caused by the State Government in the Darjeeling Hills  have purely exhibited Autocracy and when people are retaliating the same through means of Non Violence - non other than the Internet, it has been seized too by the Govt. of West Bengal so that the voices of the people leading the Gorkhaland movement cannot be heard . Since Shutdown of the Internet is a Human Rights Violation according to a resolution passed by the UN, People of Darjeeling in West Bengal are facing the same as I write this Petition. Hence it's an earnest request to  the Governing Council of the UN and to the Panel who shall address  this Petition in the Human Rights  to support us for the cause that are Rights towards the Freedom of Speech and Access to the Internet so that the people of Darjeeling, living in a Democratic Country - India can have access to internet again and continue to speak out for their demand in a peaceful and constitutional way.