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A mother's cry"Please, Save Ioana!" Prevent another kidnapping by the Jordanian father!

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Ioana Nour - the light for that a mother prayed for a lifetime is about to become a slave in Jordan. Why slave? Because she is a Romanian little girl, baptised in the Christian faith. The little girl is the victim of a revenge plan of her Muslim father against the mother.

My name is Nicoleta H (Romanian citizen ) and I am  the  mother of Ioana, my 4 years old daughter from a mixed marriage with Mr. Muhammad Faisal Gaber al Homoud, Jordanian citizen  (I and my daughter, both of us are Christian faith and my ex husband is Muslim ).

Ioana was born in Romania and has Romanian citizenship. In October 2014 I started divorce and custody procedures through the Court in Bucharest, Romania, as our marriage had become  hard to resist.  Mr. Homoud  refused  to admit that is my right to divorce him, so from that moment forward he swore to make my life like a nightmare, more exactly,  I quote: "You burned me. Do you think I've been struggling to stay with you for 7 years in vain ? Even if it's going to take my whole life, I will burn you back."

"You burned me" - he was referring to the fact that he lost, again, the right to get Romanian citizenship. Again, because, although he has been in Romania since 1989, he couldn't get the citizenship so far.

Also, probably it should be mentioned  that the whole "struggling" took place in the conditions in which from the first day of our marriage my ex husband moved in my father's apartment, were we lived together until the divorce action. Also, just two weeks after the wedding, he was fired by the Embassy of Jordan - the place where he was working for.

Nowadays, Ioana, crying, asks daily  her mother : "Mama where do you want to leave?  Daddy tells me you are going to leave me, and I'll have to stay with him and <<mamy>>  (the woman that father lives with, was presented to the little girl as being mamy). Why mama?  Why  do you want to leave me mama? "

After 17 years of living in Bucharest, and a protective order issued by the Court  (my ex husband was forbidden to approach less than 300 meters from me and the little one, for six months) I had to resign the job and "run" away with my little girl in my arms in another county of Romania, hoping we"ll  get a bit of peace and security. No chance! Every step I take is chased. 

He cut off all my ways of survival. I can't have a normal job, my child an'to go to the kindergarten because she is afraid that her father will come to take her away. It is very hard to believe, that in a European Community country, in the 21st century, a citizen with European rights - a Christian mother, is forcedesigned to wear "invisible  handcuffs ".  Why do we have to run away?  What have we done so badly ?

Irina Vencu, another Romanian woman lives another drama. Almost with the same data: Romanian mother,  Jordanian father, the 3 old years boy already kidnapped by his father in Jordan.

What are you waiting for dignified Romanian authorities? So that Ioana may be kidnapped too ?

This is not may happening! Please, say STOP! I am begging you, say STOP! STOP the violence!  STOP  any kind of abuses! STOP kidnapping children near their mothers!  MAMA is only ONE on the earth. 

Please, Save Ioana! 

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