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1 June 2020
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Started by Victor Araali

Uganda Community



To: The International Monetary Fund (IMF)

Ref: Loan to The Ugandan Government  

We Ugandans are writing to IMF and World bank about the continuous funding to the Ugandan government. The Ugandans are requesting the IMF and the world bank to stop giving loans to President Museveni at the expense of Ugandans. The Ugandans have reliable information that Museveni has used public funding from the IMF and world bank brutalize Ugandans and swindle the funds into offshore accounts. The IMF and world bank should understand that funds provide to Museveni and for his personal uses and Ugandans should not be liable for the payment. The current continued process of providing loans to Museveni is a predatory lending to Ugandans. The IMF and the world bank should understand that Museveni is not willing to repay back the loans and he has asked the IMF and the world bank to forgive the loans Ref [14].  Some of the few cases highlighted below, exhibit the corruption of Museveni and his regime in the previous 34 yrs in power.   We request the IMF and world bank not to ignore Ugandans and especially the opposition members led by Kyadondo Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu AKA Bobi wine.

(1)   President Museveni and his family members that include Sam Kutesa his in-law have orchestrated a corrupt system and are swindling loans into offshore accounts Ref [12].

(2)   Abuse of Refugee Process by the Museveni who has created fake refugee from Ethiopians, Burundians, Eritreans, Congolese, Sudanese, and Rwandese. Museveni is using the refugee situation to extort money from donors. Museveni uses the fake refugees to fraud the presidential election process in Uganda to vote for him. In exchange, Museveni gives Ugandan passports to economic refugees and a process to come to the USA, Canada, Australia, and other western nations.  One the contrary the Ugandans have been forced to seek refuge in other countries such as USA, Britain, Canada, and many girls working as maids in the middle East.

(3)   President Museveni has engaged in political persecution, torture, and cold-blood murder of Ugandans Ref [13] mainly the opposition members lead by the Kyadondo Member of Parliament Robert Kyagulanyi Sentamu AKA Bobi wine. Museveni has been involved in serval genocides in Uganda. In 1986, Museveni lead a war and was directly involved in killing at least 1.5 million Ugandans in Luwero triangle Ref [15]. Museveni was involved in massacre of the Acholi in northern Uganda. In 2016, Museveni ordered Brigadier Peter Elweru to massacre the Bakonjo Tribe in Kasese.

(4)   In the past, 34 years the donors and western nations have put pressure on Museveni to promote democracy in Uganda. To appear democratic to the donors, President Museveni created fake opposition groups through which he was able crack down on true democracy.

(5)   Museveni is planning a Genocide during the upcoming 2021 presidential elections in Uganda. There are several cases where Museveni has been directly involved in war crimes in the great lake regions of East Africa.

a.     President Museveni sponsored the war that lead to the 1994 genocide in Rwanda. The current president of Rwanda Paul Kagame was a military commander in the Ugandan force who took power in Rwanda through a military coup sponsored by Museveni.   

b.     President Museveni has involved in sponsoring war extremists in Congo and looting minerals.

c.      President Museveni was involved in war crimes in South Sudan

d.     President Museveni was involved in war crimes in Burundi

e.     President Museveni sent Ugandan soldiers who engaged in war crimes in 2017 Kenyan elections.


On May 6th, 2020, the IMF approved a Loan of USD $491.5 million Ref [1] to Uganda government to address the Covid-19 crisis. The Ugandans request the IMF to reconsider Covid-19 Loan and future Loans pending investigations about appropriation of the funding. The funding is intended to support Ugandans within this Covid-19 crisis. However, our evidence in the Refs attached, prove that the Loan has been misappropriated table 1 & Ref [9] and swindled by government officials.

During this Covid-19 crisis, Ugandans followed the World Health Organization (WHO) directive to quarantine. The government pledged to provide relief food Ref [5] to at least 1.5 million Ugandans in desperate need. President Museveni passed a directive prohibiting Ugandans from distributing food to those in need Ref [11]. The president equated food distribution to murder punishable by DEATH. Only government officials were given mandate to distribute food. However, the Ugandan government has barely provided relief food to the 1.5 million Ugandans. The little food distributed (beans and posho Ref [2] so far is unhealthy and harmful for human consumption.  According to the speaker of Uganda parliament Rebecca Kadaga, the milk Ref [9] that was provided to the Ugandans is expired and not fit for human consumption. Most of the Ugandan are already in danger of hunger Ref [3] during these Covid-19 times. We have evidence that the distributed food per home (approximately 5kg/11lbs) is done by military personnel who are committing atrocities Ref [4] to vulnerable people. The military personnel are rapping women and, in some cases, giving food in exchange for sex.

Due to government failure to provide food to families facing hunger, some Ugandans Ref [7] within the country and overseas are donating food. However, the government of Uganda has politicized the Covid-19 crisis by arresting and torturing opposition members from the people power movements. In Ref [6] Member of Parliament for Kampala municipality Muhammad Nsereko can be seen distributing food with no arrest. On the other hand, MP for Mityana municipality Zaake Francis Ref [7] was arrested on April 19th, 2020 and brutally tortured by president’s Military force (SFC). One of SFC individuals who tortured MP Francis Zaake is Amos Kagoro Ref [10]. MP Francis Zaake was arrested for distributing food to his starving constituent Ref [9] There has been several arrests and illegal detention of people power members Ref [8] . It should be noted that April 19th, 2020 is the second time for MP Zaake was arrested and tortured. The first time MP Zaake was arrested and tortured was Aug 2018.

The government of Uganda has misappropriated the funds according to speaker of Ugandan parliament Rebecca Kadaga table 1 and Ref [9] . The misappropriate spending in table-1 below was whistle blown by MP for Kyadondo East constituency and people power leader Robert Kyagulanyi Ssentamu AKA Bobi wine. Robert Kyagulanyi mentioned the parliament to which he belonged was bribed with 10 billion Uganda shillings to be split amongst the 426 members of parliament.  The 10 billion Uganda shilling was a bribe to the Parliamentary members to favor the president Museveni’s supplementary spending budget shown in table-1 below.  Robert Kyagulanyi returned the bribe money saying that hungry Ugandans need it the most and called on fellow MPs to return the bribe which speaker Rebecca Kadaga objected Ref [9] After a global outcry of Ugandans calling on MPs to return the bribe, President Museveni who had provided the bribe, called on MPs to return the money.  Parliamentary Speaker Rebecca Kadaga was not happy that the president had portrayed her and other MPS as corrupt, so she went on revenge rampage on TV Ref [9] against President Museveni. On TV, Speaker Rebecca Kadaga said that 10 billion was small in compared to billions (shown in table 1) stollen by government bureaucrats. She went on to say that the milk and food provided was expired and unfit for human consumption despite the billions granted for food relief table 1. Speaker Rebecca went to say that nobody including the Members of Parliament and the President cared about welfare of Uganda.  

The covid-19 crisis has caused the Ugandan government to expose the enormous level of corruption orchestrated by the President Museveni and his regime including the government organs. These Covid-19 times are desperate times the Ugandan need the relief food and essentials. Instead the government bureaucrats have embezzled the money to be used for personal projects such as those shown in Ref [9] .  


Uganda shillings
Misappropriated funds Ref [9] .
15 Billion
Office of President Museveni Internal Security Organization (ISO).
59 Billion
Office of prime minister Ruhakana Rugunda used to purchase rotten food and expired milk according to Speaker of Parliament Rebecca Kadaga.
94 Billion
Ministry of health requested for 62 Billion but the “Thieves adjusted the funding to 94 billion” according to parliamentary speaker Rebecca Kadaga.
6 Billion
Ministry of Information and Communications Technology (ICT) requested for 15 billion for Covid-19 to build Billboards that was objected by the parliament and approved 6 billion.
10 Billion
Bribe given to Uganda members of parliament  
400 million 
Classified expenditure.

We request the IMF to urgently halt the covid-19 funding and future funding to Ugandan government pending investigations. The investigations include violations listed in table 1 below. We request the IMF to audit the Ugandan government and demand accountability of Covid-19 funds. Ugandans overseas and local will follow legal process that include demonstrations, legal lawsuits that clearly show that the IMF has been secretly corporation with a corrupt regime to approve loans for president Museveni and his few government regime at the expense of Ugandans.


Violations #
Distribution of food to small population
Ref [5]
Distribution of contaminated and expired food
Ref [9]
Illegal arrests & detention and torture of opposition members
Ref [4], Ref [7] Ref [8]
Rape and assault of women for sex in exchange for food.
Ref [4]
Misappropriation of Covid-19 funds
Ref [9]


Ref [1]

IMF approves $491.5 for Uganda 





Ref [2]

Contaminated corn flour/Maize flour




Ref [2] Continued

Contaminated Beams





Ref [3]



Ref [4]




Ref [5]



Ref [6]

Muhammad Nsereko Member of Parliament Kampala Uganda distributing Food with no arrest








Ref [7]

Francis Zaake Member of Parliament Mityana Municipality Uganda distributing Food arrested









Ref [7] Continued

Brutally tortured and left for dead 



Ref [8]

Non uniform Uganda government Militias Arresting opposition members  




Ref [9]

Speaker Rebecca kadaga defends 10 billion bribe to her and other Members of Parliament but she also talks about the expired food distributed to the Ugandans





Ref [10]

Amos Kagoro one of the Secruity indiviuals that tortured MP Francis Zaake



Ref [11]

March 30, President Yoweri Museveni directed the police to arrest politicians who distribute food










Ref [13]


Ref [14]

2016 massacre by military







Ref [15]

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