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AN INVITATION TO : Human rights international, International Amnesty,Unhcr geneva, Unhcr Mozambic, Unhcr South Africa, Government of Congo/department of foreign affairs in Mozambic, Emo 'ya M'mbondo Mondial...

We are writing to inform you that, 20 innocent Congolese refugees have been arrested and jailed at 400km away from Nampula-Maratane refugee Camp on Jan 17,2019. And right now they await a trial or a forced deportation to their origin Country.

We, Emo 'ya M'mbondo du Canada have talked to a witness in the Camp whose name we hide, He said that, the government of Mozambic arrested refugees in the Camp without a major reason why, in Oct 05, 2015 there was a pregnant woman who was taken to the Camp hospital to deliver, while the local nurses who were on duty that day ignored to assist the poor woman urgently, they were busy watching a TV, abruptly, she passed away without any assistance! So the angry refugees started to manifest till the Police & the high commissioner of the camp heard, fortunately, the Police calmed the situation; He said!

Finally, due to what happened in 2015, the government of Mozambique which doesn't forget sent its army tho arrest any refugee they see in front of them! that's exactly what has happened to those 20 innocent refugees!

Dear all, we , Emo 'ya M'mbondo du Canada, invite the Human right watch to intervene to that horrific situation. We give the government of Mozambique 72 hours to release our people, otherwise..!

For further details, you may contact us via the below email address. Thank you for your understanding.

Yours sincerely,

Emo 'ya M'mbondo du Canada.

E-mail : mbondo.canada2017@gmail.com