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Stop Kahr arms from maliciously doing harm to disabled workers

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I was hit by two negligent drivers starting in 2008, in turn I broke a part of my spine with other issues as well as broke my kneecap twice. I lost my career and can never return to it due to my injuries, I spent many years being top in my field for knowledge and honor and integrity. I fought for many years to feel human again.
I was hired by Kahr Arms as a disabled worker, they knew my condition and knew I would have at least one appointment a month for medications to say the least.
They refused to provide me with a chair that even had a backrest. I was called names like gimpy daily. I started to complain that my back was not very comfortable and was told to just hang on and they would take care of it. I was told that I was being too sensitive and that others were just trying to enjoy their day by having fun. Finally about 6 months go by, and they moved the office to a new room upstairs, they told me they got me a new chair and it looked comfy. I was excited...the chair was defective and not new, it had no spring so if you sat on it then it would just go all way to ground abruptly...especially if you arent expecting it. This hurt my back very bad, if caused my nerves to get severely pinched. I wrote formal complaints and again I was told I was being sensitive, IT COULD HAVE PARALYZED ME!!
I then had to go in for a series of painful synthetic cartilage shots because my knee was starting to lock up and grind bad again due to my back being all twisted up. They refused to let me have the time off and also hid my cane when I needed it...again it was funny to them to see me in tears and I was not being cooperative or a team player by complaining.
They pull me in after I complained in an email to multiple people including my car accident lawyer. They in turn blamed me for the things that happened, they also stated that the SSI hearing I had time off for and my doc appointments were really me having "car Trouble". Against all factual documentation they are still claiming I am not being truthful about my fact they wrote they dont even believe I have a disability.
They were trying to claim I was rude to customer and so on at this point, one quick search for my name Rich Merrill on the net associated with the name Kahr will being nothing but positive words. They would tell me what to say to certain questions then write me up for saying exactly what they told me to. I couldnt even do my job without fearing someone screwing with me, I was literall smacked because I had to look in the mail was next to someones desk that thought I was a faker and just trying to get things for free. She literally smacked me and I was written up for it, it is disgusting to see the game they played.
I finally couldnt take it anymore, they set me up for a write up again and that night I went home in tears. You see at this point my body was very screwed up, literally having many days in a row where I couldnt use my left arm, or my right arm and spasms so back you can literally see them and the vertebrae twisted way out of place...I would literall have tears in my eyes from the pain while working.
On friday of june 15th I arrived to work and started shaking uncontrollably, my PTSD kicked in and I was having a nervous breakdown. I called my Bob holmes because it went too far, I was emotionally tortured by literal mental and physical abuse. I requested a meeting with the very company head...he told me to just go in and he will get me a meeting with sam so I can find out why the laws are not being followed and why am I blatantly being toyed with mentally and physically. I go into the office with tears in my eyes and shaking like a leaf, I didnt want to be there and as I told Bob...if someone comes and kicks me in the knee and I say ouch then I will be written up for it. Its insanity.
Bob and another supervisor pull me into the office and say I am being crazy and making them scared because I have tears in my eyes. They are claiming I was this violent person that destroyed their office yet there isnt a single thing I ever broke or slammed. In fact most the time I couldnt if I wanted to. I was even written up because I tried to stretch my leg when a nerve got caught in my hip, the chair did a spin and I fell over...they wrote me up for it.
I stated I couldnt take it anymore, as a human being I deserve my dignity, I deserve respect for how quickly I gained them incredible recognition for having the best customer service imaginable. I told him I wasnt going to keep giving my same medical records to him as a contractor anymore, they already leaked my personal info to others in the office and Bob is not bound by HIPA but yet if I didnt give him my medical history then I wasn't being cooperative. I then told them I was going to go file a discrimination complaint, Bob in turn got angry and told me to leave. Leave my pain meds behind and even my back pillow I needed...understand that to them me doing what the law states I can to protect myself is scary. I then later learn they claimed on paper I shouldn't be around guns because I support unions, no joke.
I filed the complaint and also filed for unemployment. I get a call in july from Bob on my cell phone, he stated they just got paperwork showing I filed a complaint. I told him I did and I cant let go of what they did, at that point I just kept hearing the words gimpy in my head, lazy liberal and so on. Understand that my entire time I worked there I had to listen to people talk about how disabled people and welfare people are losers and better of dead type stuff, even discussing hunting welfare recipients to clean up america. twisted stuff, and after I learned that Kahr was owned by the Sun Yun Moon family I was appalled.
Bob then says "well good luck with your unemployment now" and hung up. I have been waiting for over 5 months for my hearing. My house is going into foreclosure after my many years of fighting to keep what I EARNED.
They are claiming I never made those complaints even with the documented proof, they are denying my docs ever faxed or sent them info which again is easily shown as not true, and they have let me know they only trying to retaliate against me for filing the complaint.
I am asking for the people of this world to stand with me and tell Kahr Arms and its many branches of shadow companies to cease the unethical treatment of americans with disabilities. We dont deserve to have to be verbally and cruelly treated for a paycheck and just so another can laugh at you. We are human being, and I am asking for Kahr to drop its fight with my unemployment and to be honest in their words. I am petitioning for them to stop the malicious dishonesty that is making me starve to death...and thats literally. I havent been able to eat properly and my body is going downhill very fast.
Please boycott all Kahr Arms products and help me be vocal, help me send emails letting them know they are wrong to treat human beings as such, help me let them know this world isnt going to tolerate bullies anymore. I have stood as an activist for others, I have done nothing but give my heart to this world and helped so many without asking for anything in return. This is that one point in my life I am asking for the world to return the favor and hear my cries for help.

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