Justice for Matthew John Lee who was murdered by the police in Kingston, Jamaica

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Matthew John Lee was ambushed and murdered along with 2 other men on January 12, 2013 shortly before midday by members of the police force at the intersection of Evans Avenue and Arcadia Drive Kingston, Jamaica.

Matthew was so much to so many. He was a champion Junior Golfer who represented Jamaica on numerous occasions. He was a Junior Accountant and an upcoming Music Producer at the time of his death. He did alot of voluntary work with the Salvation Army and within the community of Grants Pen so much so that The Matthew John Lee Foundation was set up in his honor a few months after his death. Every year since his death we host a major fundraiser in conjunction with the Kiwanis Club of North St. Andrew and with the assistance of the Stella Maris Foundation we assist the children of the Grants Pen community with back to school bursaries. This was Matthew's passion as he had a heart for the less fortunate. 

Even as we fight for justice for our son, brother, friend we fight moreso for the other "Matthew Lee's" out there. The ones who could meet the same fate for simply giving someone a lift. We fight so that no other family will not have to experience the pain and heartache we have had to endure.

No one should have to go identify their nephew's body with at least 5 bullets to the upper torso lacerating all major organs. No one should ever have to witness a good upstanding citizen handing over car documents and explaining to the police that he hasn't done anything but yet watched in horror as they still killed him. No one should have to wail over their son's casket. No brother should end up in hospital because he was grief stricken, put a rum bottle to his head and drank it straight. No niece or nephew should have to fear the police because they killed their uncle. No one should have to beg the police to explain why they killed her brother but yet they drove off as if it was just a regular day....while our world fell apart. No family should ever experience this level of pain ever! 

We fight because we need to make people aware that police brutality is not partial to race, class, color, geographic location or socio-economic factors and anyone can be a victim at anytime. He was killed in broad day light in an "uptown" neighborhood. We fight so that police recognize it's NOT OK to slaughter our loved ones like they're animals. We fight so that the justice system can be reformed and police are held accountable for their unjust actions. 

No one should be above the law and all should be charged for the crimes they commit. It should not take 7 years for charges to be brought against police after slaughtering unarmed Jamaican citizens in broad daylight, framing them by planting weapons in the vehicle and disparaging their characters to all who could hear in order to cover their tracks.

There are good police out there, but the bad ones are being protected by the establishments that have sworn to protect us. We must protect ourselves by demanding justice. Justice for Matthew is a step closer to justice for all. 

We are petitioning for legislative reform. The justice system needs to enact change. We don't require money just please show your support by signing this petition and sharing within your network. Thank you.