Health of women in prison

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Access to healthcare is a fundamental human right. Prison authorities are often unable to provide  adequate healthcare facilities and infrastructure to women in prisons, which makes these women susceptible to health issues such as communal diseases (TB, Dengue), pregnancy related illnesses and nutritional problems. 

This is a gross violation of human rights and we speak against it. We propose an NGO, "Incarcerated Women Health Fund" to alleviate the conditions of health care in women wards. We hope that our NGO will be endorsed by relevant human rights activists or other NGOs.

Similarly we also hope to garner enough funds from the general public in order to create a significant impact. Additionally we hope to create partnerships with hospitals and therefore, possess the ability to provide good quality and sufficient healthcare to women in prisons. 

Meaningful change cannot be made without governmental or non-governmental involvement. 

We hope to create a movement which will ensure longstanding and significant benefits to women in prisons.