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Recover Great Indian treasure of Healthy Living

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We are living in a country which was once world Guru. Students from many foreign countries used to come here for availing the opportunity to learn the advanced knowledge in all spheres of life based on human values. Britishers, changed our education pattern and unfortunately our system still suffers from some of the basic weaknesses. There are many topics from great Indian ocean of knowledge which can be explored but viewing the fact that every individual is suffering with several diseases the branch of knowledge pertaining to maintain one’s health has become of paramount importance.

Through this petition we request out Human Resource Minister Sh Prakash Javdekar (, twitter @PrakashJavdekar) introduce such education in schools.

Healthy & Productive Life:  While imparting scientific knowledge we are just running fast and are not taking any stock of certain very basic, highly scientific, time tested principles of healthy life our forefathers had invented. The growing degree of anger & impatience in current generation is only the result of fact that they are seldom taught anything about mind & body balance as a part of course curriculum. Students are only guided to run for more & more marks by putting the basic principles of healthy life at back burner.

We seem to have forgot one basic aspect i.e How our body & mind together can continue to perform in optimum manner. An unhealthy body cannot house a healthy mind nor the person will have productive life useful for family, society & nation. We are forgetting our basic culture and values particularly eating habits & maintaining a balance in mind & body. Among other reasons like pollution etc. the high number of people falling ill is that they don’t know how their body functions? Even highly educated people may be unaware about certain fundamental needs/processes of body. Many myths & bad habits have surrounded our students like sipping cold drink along with meal –highly detrimental to health. There are numerous of such examples and the knowledge about healthy eating habits & balancing of mind is not coming forth.

The utility of many Indian herbs available in kitchen which can cure cure as well as prevent dozens of diseases. Most of students would know how a computer, mobile, car works but may not know what all are requirement of body and how hard bad eating habits hurt in later stage of life. Students are not aware how maintaining a proper mind body balance can lead to improved productivity and become a great multiplier. 

So our direct request to Minister of Human Resource is to introduce a specific chapter on ‘Health tips from Ayurveda & Mind Body Balance’ in higher secondary school education. This knowledge would then become a life-long asset to a child which he can use irrespective of his profession or location. Any efforts made to impart this knowledge may yield disproportionately high results as this has the potential of reducing diseases and improve propensity to remain healthy. This will definitely lead to huge savings in country’s health budget and increase productivity of current & future generations for themselves & society.

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