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Ban unpaid internships

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Starting by a personal experience, I am in the final year of my graduation and have worked at various places before. For the completion of our degree, we need 30 days of field work experience (which makes sense considering practical knowledge is important). After contacting several organisations, I finally started working at one but I still have to spend money for traveling and other expenses. While at the internship I am using my knowledge and lots of effort to complete the 'tasks' given. This does not mean that I don't have to work for money or I can skip college. Which makes this "learning" just a small act of unpaid slavery.

My issues (along with so many other students who agree):

  • Internships do teach you a lot, but it is not mindless learning. Most organisations expect ideas and hard work,which is an effort.
  • A basic stipend is important not just as a motivating factor for working but also because people from all socio-economic backgrounds work. Not everybody can afford to travel all the way to the office without doing some other work to pay for these expenses.
  • Some institutions ask for an outrageous amount of money because of the 'experience and exposure' they provide. This is highly unfair.
  • Experience and exposure are important but what most organisations are doing is exploitation. Making students work for 9 hours (full time) and completely disrespecting the efforts of an intern is sad.
  • Such working conditions deprive so many students of an opportunity to explore fields of interest and start working early.

It is high time that institutions and organisations start appreciating the young talent that actually wants to work for the betterment of organization, society and self.

Just because internships are compulsory for so many students, organizations have started charging a 'fee' that they register as donations.

It is important to acknowledge that young professionals are capable of working as employees.

Every year, in the name of field work and experience, thousands of students are forced to be the "educated slaves" to many corporates and NGOs that have enough funds and money to pay a basic stipend. 

This is an unfair practice and a modern form of slavery. Every organisation a child works with, is giving their time and energy to work at. They deserve a basic stipend.

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