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'Death Penalty' should be banned Internationally.

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We are undergoing a Citizenship Studies investigation, for our coursework towards our GCSE's. 

We have focused on Human Rights, which we feel strongly about, investigating the Death Penalty. 

We view the Death Penalty as an inhumane, cruel, degrading and an act of murder, therefore breaking the rules of the Human Rights Act. There is also possibility that innocent men and women are put through this act of murder, then to discover later that they were innocent, when it is too late. 

This then links onto the posing question of "What if someone was mentally ill? Would this technique of punishment be fair?" 

The United States is the only Western country currently applying the Death Penalty. People are executed daily, as punishment for a variety of crimes- in times of acts which should not be criminalised. 

'Amnesty International' is a campaign in which we support their views, they work to end the Death Penalty everywhere in the world. In 1977, their work made 14 countries to totally abolish the Death Penalty, and this number has risen to 104 countries. 

Although this number has increased, it is appalling to see that there are still countries which still use this method of punishment. We believe that the 'Death Penalty' should be banned internationally as it breaches the terms of Human Rights.

Please support our petition to help raise awareness and support our views. 

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