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We the youngster of Bihar demand for YIC to held in Bihar.

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Bihar! Whenever we hear the name of this place, apart from the stupid stereotype, two things come to our mind, first is the education level from past and then in the present and second is that hard working and uber talented guy, who always manages to beat toughest of the things merely in a second.

Bihar has been one of the major centres of learning being home to the great universities/institutions of the likes of Nalanda (one of the earliest universities of India dating back to the fifth century) and Vikramashila which extensively focused upon creating an ideal learning mind that always keeps on growing and evolving and is always ready to absorb, reflect and apply knowledge. That tradition of learning which had its origins from the time of Buddha or perhaps even earlier, was lost during the medieval periods when,as per the belief the invading marauding armies destroyed these centres of learning and all its reserves of knowledge.

Today, the scenario is that when we are referring to the academic and practical exposure in the educational institutions,it is very clear that we’re severely lacking behind. Although Bihari's are amongst the brightest minds nationally and internationally, including most of our administrative servicemen, engineers, doctors, academicians, researchers etc, we still end being among both, the winners and the night watchmen in the race.

We, the Team of Plant Eco Circle and Skill Minds India would like to introduce this type of skill building and exposure related opportunities in the modern-day college campuses of Bihar, as an opportunity to help you re-invent yourself on a whole new Platform. We are on mission to generate public awareness through the signing of this a petition for inviting THEM to Bihar.

Whom we are inviting and Why? That’s a question in your mind.

Some of the testimonials from former attendees of this platform, who are in fact Bihari's:

  •  We are inviting Human Circle for Organising Next Biggest and first Young India Challenge in Bihar. I(Ranjan Mistry) am one of the delegate of Young India Challenge last year at SRCC,Delhi. They had impacted my life too much. I have only one word to say about them WOW!!
  •  Young India Challenge is an experimental event designed for the top youth from the country to #DoWhatYouLove. YIC is designed & delivered by Human Circle. As YIC is a platform where the young mind get a chance to connect with young mind from all over India, meet with awesome speaker and make effective network.


                    YOUNG INDIA CHALLENGE (#Do What You Love)

Young India Challenge (YIC) is a two-day experimental national event for the top Creative Young minds to engage in innovative programs that will broaden their mindset and move them closer to what they love doing participants are selected from across the Country.

YIC is an opportunity to discover and explore What You Love doing by taking up an incredible challenge and connecting with the best mentors and career opportunities.

It is an opportunity for the selected Youth to Learn grow and connect with the top industry leaders, best-selling authors, incredible speakers and game-changing entrepreneurs to gain leverage to grow their network and career. Selected Participants meet incredible people and understand how to turn their passion into a Successful Career and get paid.


                                                        Why YIC?

  Are you someone who has a Big vision about Your Life but don’t know where to start?

 Would you like to create an impact but don’t have a network of people who would support you?

  Have you ever wondered why some people are living their lives in Happiness, fulfillment and Success, while the others are regretting and wondering why things are not happening for them?

  Are you confused about what should be the next Steps in Your life and Career Path?


                                               YIC is for you if:

      You would like to make your career/ life more meaningful, fulfilling and passion driven.

      You would like to proactively be in charge of your career and life throughout different circumstances and not be dependent on the employer, tests or external situations.

     You are entering the job market soon and would like to be more competitive.

     You would like to make a change in your career or in life.


1.      Explore your passion: Most of us are unaware of our interests. Find what you don’t enjoy doing or better, start exploring your passion in these two days!

2.      #Do what you Love:  Don’t Waste your life doing things which you don’t enjoy. Learn to follow your passion fearlessly and make it payable!

3.      Find New Friends: You’ll find best young mind, from all over India with different talents and backgrounds. Get a chance to connect with them and explore more.

4.      Meet Awesome Speakers:  Speakers from leading organisation like Microsoft, Facebook, and KPMG Business World etc. will guide you to pursue your passion with their own stories and challenges.

5.      The Challenge: Young India Challenge comes up with a real life problem which to be has solved in teams witness some of the real life critical situation while competing.

6.      Get Motivated: The Speaker Sessions and Challenge will not only guide you to pursue your dream but will also encourage you to abide by your heart.

7.      Make Effective Networks:  With So many brilliants Young minds and speakers all around. One can grab this opportunity to connect with them and bring best out of the networks.

8.      Get Job or Internship: Yes, many speakers and mentors look forward to inviting delegates for join their organisation. This will provide you with a new learning experience and of Course, a good job profile.

9.      Experience Awesomeness:  Young India Challenge is just not another academic Conference. You’ll enjoy meeting new people, doing fun activities and exploring. The experience is mind blowing and Life Changing.

10.   Because it is Young India Challenge: If any of the above reasons don’t amuse you, then join us for being the part of the unique movement of #Do what you Love. It is the first time in history of the world that some organisation solely works to make people realise their Passion and encourage them to pursue it. Be a part of this movement and make a difference!

                   What Happens at the Young India Challenge?

      Inspiring Session with Incredible Speakers

      Solving the Challenge in Your team

      Mentoring Session with a diverse group of mentors

      Networking with top Young minds and Youth influences

       Personal Growth Workshop “HACK YOUR BRAIN”

      Sharing Your Own Stories to make an Impact.


                   So, who is Behind YOUNG INDIA CHALLENGE?

Human Circle is a community of people who organize experiential growth events and programs to help young people follow their passion and develop key life skills and mind-set like – emotional intelligence, effective communication, project management, self-confidence, team work, networking, presentation, personal branding, leadership, risk-taking, negotiation, resilience, entrepreneurial outlook and many more.

They call this ‘education hacking’ by designing new ways to learn, connect, experience and grow. It is not just a fancy term but reflects our life purpose, belief system and mission.

The team that empowers Human Circle to follow its mission is called the ‘Happiness Team’. Working with Human Circle is more like spreading happiness by enabling more and more people to do what they love. They are always looking for some amazing interns, ambassadors, volunteers, influencers, mentors and speakers who want to be committed to new learning, innovation and spreading the movement.

The ‘Happiness Team’ is the biggest asset that Human Circle has created till date and it is also our biggest source of inspiration to keep pushing forward despite all odds.

It is a group of people who continue to selflessly volunteer their time and energy for the cause of #DoWhatYouLove. You can see them designing their lives around this idea and tirelessly getting their friends to do so as well.

Every member of the team has a strong sense of ownership and they feel that their work contributes to a bigger picture that is making a better world. They are generally excellent in communication skills and mostly juggle their work with college, tuitions, and extra-curricular activities amongst many other distractions.


                                     Why does Human Circle do this?

Because Human Circle believe that the world will be a better place if more and more people do what they love and in the process, they become truly successful, rich, happy and impactful role models for others.


                                              What Human Circle Do?

Spread the #DoWhatYouLove movement through experiential events and programs like Young India Challenge, Enlightened Minds Program, #DoWhatYouLove Hangouts and several others.


                                       What Story Behind Human Circle?

Working in multinational corporations made us realize that some of our colleagues did not love their jobs/bosses/clients and they were generally not content. They were complaining and pessimistic many times, could not wait for Fridays and dreaded Monday mornings. In some close conversations, many of them shared with us that if they had a second chance….. They would do something different in life. They would choose a life and career of passion because they realized that money and a stable job alone do not bring happiness. What brings that satisfaction and fulfillment is doing things we love, creating positive impact and sharing our gifts and talents with others.


We are from Bihar, We are proud to be a BIHARI, and thisincredible platform has been designed and set up Kamal Seth, who by origin is another BIHARI like us.

So, if you’re ready to invite them to make Bihar Incredible in Education as well, please sign this petition and help us by reaching a milestone of 5000+ signatures. Also kindly share and spread this movement, so that more and more people from BIHAR get to know about the need and the opportunity.



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