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The University of Aalborg is considering to dismiss Associate Professors Luca Tateo and Ignacio Brescò both of whom are well published academics and who are highly competent and central scholars for the Centre for Cultural Psychology and for the academic research in Cultural Psychology.

The Centre of Cultural Psychology at Aalborg University, that emerged back in 2013 through Jaan moving from the U.S. to Denmark as a Niels Bohr Professor, came under administrative attack. The Professorship made it possible to bring in international scholars into Danish academia and establish over 5 years the World’s most active Centre of Cultural Psychology. Many of you have visited and know yourself what the Centre has done. Suddenly, all the work of five years is in danger.

The dismissal is made on the basis of generic claims:

- not fitting into the “vision of Aalborg University going forward”
- ‘professional competences that match future tasks within the department’s education and research profile”
- “personal competences that support further tasks”

Whereas obviously any university can create its own future plans and re-arrange its budgets, it should not be in a position to make unexplained accusations about the fit of productive scholars in a given area. Both Luca and Nacho are highly competent professionals with very good international publication records and networks. They work for the research direction—cultural psychology-- that has flourished in the University. The Niels Bohr Professorship was co-funded in 2013-2018 by Danish Basic Research Foundation and the University itself, to the total sum of 5 million euro equivalent. Seems that the University is ready to throw out its own investment by bringing the Centre of Cultural Psychology to its extinction.

Thanks to the work of Luca and Nacho, and to all the other members under the coordination of Jaan Valsiner, the Centre has become a hub of our worldwide network of Cultural Psychology.
Aalborg University has not yet fully understood the relevance and potential of the NBC for its own future development. This can bring the existence of the Centre to its end, as both of them have been the leaders in their field within the Centre.
As active member of this scientific community, your help is needed to persuade the Aalborg University administration to reverse their preliminary decision of dismissal and to start investing massively into the expansion of the world community of Cultural Psychology with the NBC as a main node. 

Please continue signing until the end of February 2019! The debate is spreading in Denmark, while the decision will be made by the end of the month.


Questa petizione ha creato un cambiamento con 425 sostenitori!

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