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The future of financial markets will be shaped by today’s students such as Hull's very own elite, so their understanding of trading, investing and economics should be broad and deep. Bloomberg Terminals can support this!

Every major financial institution, in addition to all top business schools, have access to a Bloomberg terminal. As students of Hull University we believe that it is in everyone’s interest to purchase at least one terminal.

Giving the students the opportunity to be qualified to use the terminals whilst completing their undergraduate degree, will stand them out significantly when applying for graduate jobs.

We would like to see the business school integrate the terminals into taught modules, allowing real world proficiency.

With very few taught investment related courses, having the ability to use terminals with real world applications i.e. using the graphical analysis tools, will aid in disseration/thesis research papers & assignments, enabling historical/real time data for all stock exchange listed compaines worldwide, whiles helping students pursue careers in the finacial sector.

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Hull University Business School
Install Bloomberg Terminals In Hull University Business School