More cameras in eastern cemetery

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My mum suddenly passed away nearly 8 years ago now, it was such a shock and extremely hard times, she had a sudden heart attack and was only 56 years old we was absolutely devastated. we buried her in eastern cemetery Preston road hull. We found out shortly after my dad had cancer and that was so hard. As our only living parent my dad was there for myself my sister and my brother. He was so strong and fought the cancer for as long as he could undergoing operations chemotherapy and radiotherapy. Sadly last year we lost him. And once again we was absolutely devastated..  And still are!! We buried my dad with my mum.

Sadly all we have left of our parents is the grave we visit. So we buy things for the resting place to make it look nice, brighten it up and somewere to sit.

My brother visited today sunday 24th may 2020 to find some disrespectful low life had stood over were my parents lay and have stolen the items we bought! 

This is the 2nd time things have been stolen, a few years ago small things was stolen to and this  needs to be stopped!! 

Myself my brother and my sister all find it extremely hard visiting our parents resting place but to go and find things stolen from there is so heartbreaking and dam right disrespectful, my parent's grave isnt the only one to, many of people's resting place has had things stolen and also headstones smashed, this was in the local paper a couple of years ago and still nothing has been done! 

We are now debating whether to just take everything from the grave now which is really upsetting and makes it looks like we dont vist and looks unkept so things carnt keep getting stolen which is so wrong!

I hope people please sign so i can take this to our local council and get something done to stop the scum pinching from our deceased loved ones...

Thank you.