Lighting and cctv in eastern cemetery

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This is a petition to get hull city council to place suitable lighting and cctv throughout eastern cemetery so our families graves can be  monitored, and we can sleep easy at night knowing our loved ones are resting in peace. The heartache and pain caused from recent events in the cemetery isn't fair for not only people who have suffered directly but anyone who has their loved ones buried here. People have been robbed whilst laying flowers, items are stolen regularly from people's graves and now graves are been destroyed when does this stop?? The money we pay to bury our loved ones, to buy the plots where they lay to rest, and the council can't even install good enough cctv for the cemetery to be properly protected. ITS NOT GOOD ENOUGH. The money the coucil make off the families its about time they did something to stop this. We are also fighting for the graves which have been destroyed to be replaced on behalf of the council, they are ok to take our money but won't put appropriate measures in place to prevent this from happening if they had been decent cctv and lighting  put in place years ago to prevent crime from Happening within the cemetery it wouldnt have got to this stage. Why should the families pay

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