Campaign to clean up Queens Gardens, Kingston Upon Hull.

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We the people of Kingston Upon Hull are petitioning the Hull City Council to clean up and do the much needed repairs to The Queens Gardens.

The Gardens are in a disgusting state of neglect and have been so for many years now.

We were promised work to start before City of Culture, that was postponed to 2018, it is now 2019 and the gardens are in a worse state than they have ever been.

The gardens are the heart of the city, yet neglected and forgotten by this council, it's an embarrassment to the city when tourists visit and comment how messy it is.

Their is constant rubbish in all the ponds, rats running around day & night, vandalised walls, loose & uneven paving, missing edging to the ponds etc etc

We have had enough, stop wasting money on gates for the Guildhall, give us back our once beautiful city centre gardens.