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Reduce or Remove Excessive Charges

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Since having HughesNet I have been plauged not only with bad internet and arrogant and rude customer service, but also having to use immense amounts of restore tokens (which cost $24 for three). The Gen4 service which they now offer allows a far greater download capoacity and faster internet speeds; however installation costs customer's $500 out of pocket 'due at the time of installation' (as per a HughesNet customer service representative). The current system of using restore tokens has caused my bills for internet to sky rocket to almost $400 a month. I am a father of four children who lives on a relatively fixed income and cannot continue to pay these astronomical bills or afford the cost of upgrading. Additionally, I attend school online and their reliability is barely adequate at the least which has caused me to miss turning in certain assignments and in some cases not being able to turn them in at all. What I am simply asking for is that HughesNet remember the value of the customer (especially those who are current customers) and stop charging them astronomical prices for both their service and their upgrades. At the very least provide the upgrade free to existing customers and slightly increase the lower monthly payment that GEN4 service has to compensate. I understand that it is a business which has to be profitable in order to survive, but does their survival equate to the demise of its customer's well being and future? I personally feel that it does not.

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