24 hour Emergency Room Service

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Mr. Flemming has decided that we no longer need access to emergency rooms from the hours of 10pm to 8am, at six rural hospital throughout New Brunswick. The distance most citizens have to travel already to reach a hospital in the case of an emergency is already too far, going forward with these closures would add significant travel time a top an already long commute. This will without a doubt have a detrimental effect. Making the commute as much as an hour or more in a lot of cases. In an emergency minutes can make a difference of life or death...... Minutes. We need to have this decision revoked, it is completely unacceptable. We as tax payers need to stand up together and be heard. There are changes made on a regular basis without taking into consideration the effect it would have on the public. Don’t let them take our emergency room away. Unfortunately emergencies do not have a time clock and do not only occur from 8am-10pm. 
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