All food outlets in the UK need to offer healthy option choices

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Our country is in a crisis of diabetes and heart disease due to obesity and wrong food choices. In all our food outlets and coffee shops we have no healthy options to choice from. They are mainly high sugar, high salt or high fat. We should be able to have at least a couple of healthy options to choose from and at the very least, we should be able to order skimmed milk, which most outlets seem to have a problem with.

Outlets advertise offers on sugary rubbish to children and high sugar snacks and cakes,instead of items like low sugar muffins, fruit, proteins and snack vegetables.  A lot of salads are covered with high fat dressings, instead of low fat dressing in a separate container.Takeaway soups are generally high sugar and high salt. Vegetarian options are minimal or not at all. This is not acceptable in this day and age when the NHS are at breaking point and people are struggling to eat well when they are out and about or working. Health is our wealth and we need to invest in it.

In a recent visit to the US, we went to New York where they have turned things around in many food outlets and do not let customers pay the price for healthy choices. Low fat cheese, gluten free options and dairy free options were plentiful, where as in the UK, you cannot find anywhere that does this.

The pricing should not have to dictate our choices, but these should be standard offerings in the market where there are so many foods on offer. Why should we be in a situation where you go out for the day and have to take your own food items, as many don't cater for the masses who want to be healthy.

There should be a law that states that food outlets have to cater for gluten free people, vegetarians and vegans. Our NHS would not be in a crisis that it is, if our country could understand that we are what we eat.   

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