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Bullying within our schools is out of control

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Hudson Wisconsin has the same problems as others, bullying has become one of the issues in our schools that is out of control. My daughter who is one of the nicest kids you would ever meet has recently become a victim of bullying, she's the kid who speaks up for the ones who are too scared to do it for themselves. I'm hear to speak up for her and the rest of the kids within the district who's potential is being stifled by bullies.

I would like the city of Hudson to adopt the same ordnance Shawano Wisconsin passed last year, the parents and students would have to actively participate in open discussions with the schools, other parents, social services and etc. bullies parents would only be given a citation if they repeated the offense during this investigation. The citations in Shawano are $366 for the first offense and if there is a second offense it will escalate to a citation of $681, each repeated offense will carry a greater fine.

I will be speaking at the next public safety agenda meeting February 16th at 5 p.m. in the city council chambers, I feel with the support of you and our community it will also help us prevent another problem that is becoming more frequent on the news or in the papers; teen suicide as a result of bullying. An excerpt from The National Institute of Mental Health believes that as many as 25 suicides are attempted for each one completed. That means for every teen suicide you hear of, there are probably at least 25 suicide attempts made. 

This ordinance will help teach kids there are penalties for their actions and keep the bullies held accountable. As parents we only want the best for our children, by signing this petition you are helping make a change in the right direction for all kids in the Hudson School District.

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