Bring Back Zellers!

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It's Been 5 Years Since All Zellers Stores Closed Down, And 3 Years Since Target Stores Closed In Canada. Many have fond memories of the Zellers chain before it. After Target's acquisition of most of the chain's stores, the HBC slowly began removing Zellers locations from around the nation. Today, as most people would be surprised to hear, there remain 2 Zellers locations in Canada, used as liquidation centers for assorted HBC products. This isn't practical for most. So, we are petitioning the HBC to bring back Zellers! We're asking Richard A. Baker, Governor and Executive Chariman of Hudson's Bay Company And Justin Trudeau, to bring back just one store to it's former glory. One store as a trial run to show that Canadians really do want Zellers! Maybe Have Some Old Locations Be Reopened Or Some New Locations As Well, As For Every Canadian That Misses Zellers Says. BRING BACK ZELLERS! #BringBackZellers #ZellersForever