Reinstate no detriment policy for 2021 graduates of the University of Huddersfield

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Throughout the Covid-19 pandemic, students, amongst others have been hit especially hard. During the initial lockdown at the start of the year, students graduating in 2020 were given a ‘No Detriment’ policy, meaning that they could not score lower in their final year than their pre-Covid second year.

Though the policy for last year's students was completely valid, this year's students have been hit much harder with their entire academic year being affected by the restrictions caused by the pandemic; now another lockdown. These students have been forced to undertake online "blended" learning with significantly reduced contact time but with the exact same workload. Not to mention the same £9250 tuition fee for this service. 

We want inclusivity of policies across the courses. Each course has different requirements and should have adaptations to this. Whether it be exams, coursework or dissertations. There is also an extreme neglect for those students who undertake practical courses which cannot be done from home or online. These students need additional support and access to workshops (which are deemed to be Covid secure) so that they can actually complete their degree.

I propose that Huddersfield University reinstate the no detriment policy that was given to previous students and this should be the MINIMUM amount of support that the University provides.