HUDA Administrator Gurgaon: Fix the cratered & potholed internal roads of Sushant Lok 1, Block A

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HUDA Administrator, Gurgaon: Fix the cratered & potholed internal roads of Sushant Lok 1, Block A

Subject: The internal roads of Sushant Lok 1 A Block are in a frightful mess throughout the year, for many years. To start with, HUDA must ensure the key artery from Sushant Lok 1 A Block Main gate is immediately re-laid with appropriate rainwater drainage.

Dear HUDA Administrator Gurgaon,

Gurgaon is Haryana’s showcase ‘Millennium’ city, and new real estate projects are launched daily promising buyers the moon. However, the pathetic state of infrastructure in existing builder colonies – like Sushant Lok 1 – is a sign that new builder projects will go the cratered path to disillusionment.

Having invested millions in licensed and approved homes, and after paying millions in taxes, I expect a good road to my home. You are invited to visit Sushant Lok A Block and travel from the road leading from its main gate on MG Road till the Sector Galleria Road to experience what it would be like traveling on the moon. According to Ansals, a road is defined as a collection of potholes and craters occasionally filled up with bricks and mortar.

A Sushant Lok 1 resident expects HUDA to institute checks and balances to hold the builder accountable, and make good the deficiency in Ansals services, rather than have me run from pillar-to-post to find out who will redress my legitimate grievance. I am very upset with the disdain Ansals exhibit for resident’s complaints made in writing, over the phone and personally, and that the potholed internal roads continue to annually handle exponentially more traffic as well as deteriorate exponentially. I am equally distressed to see that Ansals have washed their hands off Sushant Lok 1, and that the various arms of government responsible for ensuring provision of infrastructure here stand by and do nothing to improve an ever-worsening situation. Why should Ansals, whose track record of providing and maintaining infrastructure in an existing colony is dismal, be allowed to launch new colonies within Haryana? Till the time Sushant Lok 1 is taken over by HUDA (or MCG) why does HUDA not step in to fill in the massive gaps in the infrastructure at this errant builder’s cost?

Residents like me raise a shindig over internal roads in Sushant Lok 1 each year, after which Ansals owned agencies make us wait for months during which thousands of cars do a cross-country over these cratered lunar roads. Finally, and reluctantly, they spend the very minimum possible by quickly sprinkling some tar over these potholes - which promptly reappear within no time.

I urge you, Mr. Administrator, to ensure that the internal roads of Sushant Lok 1 A Block, starting with the key artery leading from the main Sushant Lok gate (next to DT City Center) till the Galleria sector road, are re-laid according to industry best practices.

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