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Give Section 811 clients the opportunity to own a home as Section 8 Clients

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Living with a disability is hard. Transitioning back into mainstream society after a disability is harder. The programs within HUD are designed to provide funding to help citizens, disabled or not, get a piece of the American Dream within every income level. Forcing the disabled community who are choosing to seek independent living, to enter a Section 811 program (which unknowingly takes away their option to purchase under other HUD funded programs) while Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher members do not is discriminatory toward the disabled for no reason other than their disability. These programs are both funded through HUD regardless of how the funding is distributed. In addition to the issue of not allowing the disabled community to become homeowners under this program, HUD also increases the difficulty of the disabled community by offering a home modification program that takes 2 years minimum for funds to come through after you purchase your home. This means that if one is able to afford to purchase a home they will have to wait 2 years before it can become fully accessible for their needs. A person with very low income cannot afford to pay a mortgage for a home that is not accessible nor can ones disability be put on a waiting list until these funds come through. Enabling one to continue their subsidy and enter into Home ownership programs will give them the independence to select the area of the city they choose to live in, giving them more options when it comes to good schools for their children as well as not forcing them to move into rehabilitated home that looks nice on the outside while the crime rate in the area makes it dangerous to travel. It also provides ones children with a home that will not be jeopardized by their health or demise. Lastly, having the option to obtain a larger home to call one’s own gives them the option to make changes to “their home” not accepted under Project Based Programs.

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