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Stop Without Cause Evictions of Section 8 Renters

To all who have inquired: Yes, I continue to pay rent for the house I currently live in here at 5826 NE 15th Avenue; Portland, Oregon 97211-4939. My rent payment is sent to Ms. Marisa Gholson at the P.O. Box address. And, all expenses and costs associated with looking for and finding a 'new' place, background checks, deposits, etc. has been paid by me alone. Needless to say, I am (over)tired, (over)stressed, and (over)pinching every penny I find....


Be Involved! Be Aware!


Ms. Lulu Johnson; Current Renter at 5826 NE 15th Avenue; Portland, OR 97211-4939.


A Continuation of MY 'Black' Truth!


This is a copy of a letter I am mailing later this day to the 'new' owner and her Representative of the home I have continually been renting under HUD's Section 8 Program for 28 plus years now. I am a Single, 'Black', Low-Income Senior Citizen with a Disabled Daughter. Again, we have been renting this home for more than 28 years now! 'Urban Renewal - Black Removal'.


Please feel free to pass this on to whomever you so choose....






Ms. Lulu Johnson

CURRENT Renter for c.29 Years at

 5826 NE 15th Avenue

 Portland, Oregon 97211-4939


 Saturday, 11 August 2012



To Both:

Ms. Marisa Gholson, the NEW ( owner of the

House CURRENTLY rented by Ms. Lulu Johnson; and

Mr. Chris Botero, Ms. Marisa Gholson’s Representative….

I am putting this in writing so that there will be no confusion.




Mr. Botero, around mid July 2012, I called you with an update on my/our situation relative to locating a new place to rent.I explained that I had parted with items of personal value in order to get the monies needed to pay the expenses relative to locating the new place and to pay for the background investigations required to qualify as new renters at the new place, etc.You said that ‘you knew I would find a way….’




I spoke to you about my trash/garbage/furniture and other removal needs and you told me that you will take care of all of that.You said that you only wanted me to concern myself with moving out and that you will deal with the removal of all that is left by me/us following my/our move.You said that I should not worry about any cleanup or anything because you will have a couple of strong men handle all removal, cleanup, etc.You said that you will be tearing up and renovating the place anyway and that you will have a dumpster outside and all the stuff will be thrown into the dumpster, etc.Again, you told me to simply move and not to concern myself with anything else because you will handle the rest.




Mr. Botero, I told you that I will feel bad leaving the house in disorder with garbage, trash, old furniture and all.I told you that I needed additional garbage space, etc. and I said that I thought I should at least cleanup but you insisted that I not concern myself with anything other than moving….You emphasized that you simply want me/us gone – you want us moved out so that you can really begin the renovation….You said that ‘you will take care of everything after I/we move’ and that you will handle all the costs and expenses….I agreed and am now operating under that verbal agreement/contract.




Mr. Botero, although I am still a renter here, I have looked out or driven up at various times and seen someone working or having been present on the property.I have left my home and returned home to find evidence of someone having been present inside my home.I have had to deal with already filled outside garbage cans, etc. and I have seen and sometimes discarded items left on the property, etc.This week, I confronted three different men on the property here on three different occasions.A neighbor and her parents talked to me about items left in the street a couple of days ago; and my small size outside garbage can remains overfilled -- thus leaving me UNable to dump my own garbage or to throw things out.Although it is admittedly difficult and unsettling, I am trying to adjust to the lack of garbage service, etc.And, I keep reminding myself of your commitment to cleanup, etc. at no expense or cost to me or to Housing following my/our move.Admittedly, working around the trash and garbage, etc. makes my task far more complicated….




Mr. Chris Botero, you have told to me that you have the authority to work on and have work done on the property here.And, you have been clear that you do not need to notify me or to get my permission.That said, I do appreciate the UNmailed letter that I found inside my home c.17 July 2012 fromowner Marisa Gholson informing me of the intended access by Energy DIET into my home on 20 July 2012.Needless to say, Mr. Chris Botero, I made it a point to be home and greeted both you and the gentleman from Energy DIET at that time.




Mr. Botero, we are both operating under strenuous circumstances as you have indicated to me.I get it.But, my situation is not of my choosing, yours is!YOU, Mr. Chris Botero, are the one who initiated the purchase of this house according to previous owner Mr. Halula.I and my disabled daughter, on the other hand, are the human faces of carnage.“Urban renewal – Black removal”.




Today, 11 August 2012, I received a letter from you and owner Marisa Gholson dated 31 July 2012.Mr. Chris Botero, that letter is puzzling and upsetting at best….I am angered that you and owner Marisa Gholson have ‘threatened’ me in that letter.Mr. Chris Botero and Ms. Marisa Gholson, I am a Single, Black, Low-Income Senior Citizen With a Disabled Daughterwho is facing a No-Cause Eviction from My Home – a Home I have Continually Rented for More Than 28 Years Under HUD’s Section 8 Program.




Again, let me be clear – Ms. Marisa Gholson, YOU chose your situation – my disabled daughter and I did not.I am under extreme stress as a result of your recent choice to purchase this house and to forthwith deliver to me a 60 Day NO-CAUSE Eviction Notice.Ms. Marisa Gholson, to my knowledge, you and I have never met and you have never seen the inside of my house to my knowledge.I must assume, therefore, that you bought this place sight unseen and as-is.




Ms. Marisa Gholson, neither you nor Mr. Chris Botero have the legal right to ‘threaten’ me.Further, neither of you can tell me what to say, where to say it, what to write, or where to write it.You do not control, OABA – the ‘Black’ listserve, or any other internet listserves that I am aware of.Likewise, you do not control HUD, Home Forward, Oregon State Senator Chip Shields, Portland Mayor Sam Adams, OABA President Cal Henry, etc. to my knowledge.




My closing is simple, please do not ever again ‘threaten’ me.I am a Single,‘Black’, Low-Income Senior Citizen with a Disabled Daughter and I need all of my energy and more to complete this expected move.As information, I am still waiting on the Housing inspection of the place I hope to rent, etc. and I am still in need of monies to complete the move, etc.




With Overstanding!


Lulu R. Johnson, Single – ‘Black’ – Low-Income Senior Citizen with a Disabled Daughter!

CURRENT ADDRESS Remains:5826 NE 15th Avenue; Portland, Oregon97211-4939


Copies as Chosen by ME….



Single, Black. Low-Income Senior Citizen With Disabled Daughter Facing No-Cause Eviction From Home Continually Rented By Them For More Than 28 Years Under Section 8 Program
23 June 2012 - 3AM

Right now I am feeling drained and more or less discombobulated. I am a 65 year old single, low-income, Black woman with a disabled daughter. We have lived in this house at 5826 NE 15th Avenue in Portland, Oregon continually for more than 28 years under HUD’s Section 8 rental assistance program. Section 8 pays a portion of the rent and I pay the remaining $321 rent per month plus utilities. My primary income is Social Security -- roughly $700 monthly. My daughter lives with me and I take care of her. I am paid approximately $180 per month as my daughter’s Personal Care Attendant.

This week my home was sold to a new owner and yesterday I was served with a 60 day No Cause Eviction notice. Eviction papers indicate that the new owner intends to renovate this house and re-rent it at a higher rate following the renovation. The papers I have received name a Marisa O. Gholson as the new owner. I have never met her to my knowledge. A business decision -- a business decision. ‘Urban renewal - Black removal’.

The human toll of this ‘business decision’ has sent my internal emotions spiraling. How do I find a new place for us? Where do I get the money needed to effectuate such a monumental move after 28 plus years? Where do I begin my search -- Craigslist has been suggested and I will search Craigslist during this journey. What do I do with all of the things we have accumulated over the years? Again, Craigslist has been suggested….

In the end, what will happen? I have been told that all of the expenses and efforts to find a place and in relocating and physically moving are mine to bare. What will happen? Time will tell…. In the meantime, I have shared our story with you. I am Lulu R. Johnson and you can reach me at:


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