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Safe & Improved Whispering Oaks Apartments

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To continue to provide safe, decent and affordable housing for families that resides at Whispering Oaks Apartments.  It is extremely important that everyone is on the same page, everyone deserves to live in safe, decent and clean housing.  Children should feel safe going to and from school.  However residents have to stick together, work with the management company and the local authorities to better our community. 

There are multiple videos on social media with various fights, shootings, foul language, guns, drugs, etc.  Videos do nothing but tell the truth!  Those videos are absolutely heart breaking.  Children are seen simply watching the fights like the are at the movies, you can even hear some of the crying.  It’s ridiculous!  One video shows a pregnant woman fighting, are you really putting your unborn child in danger. This type of behavior is UNACCEPTABLE!

Every resident that resides at Whispering Oaks has a responsibility.   Do you really want to continue living like this?  The time has FINALLY come where we have to come together for the benefit and welfare of our children and our community.  WE can make a difference together, let’s stop the illegal activity that has been going on for several years, we have to stop turning our heads and face reality.  Our children don't deserve to live like this.  They are afraid to go outside and play, walk to and from school; a child should NEVER have to experience this type of behavior.

All residents should be EXTREMELY happy that the management company and the local authorities are addressing issues that have been going on for years now.  Rules are put in place for several reasons, here are rules in the workplace, schools, libraries, church's, etc.  There are rules in life.  Why go against the management company’s rules when they are trying to work hard at providing safe and decent housing for everyone. 

The Residents at Whispering Oaks Apartments deserve a change and now is the time!

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