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Petitioning State of Ohio Liquor Control Division and 12 others

Huber Heights City Council & State Of Ohio Liquor Control: Close the Heat Nightclub

Ever since this Night club has opened it's doors, it has been a problem to the community and the City Resources. Since the beginning of 2012 alone there have been hundreds of police calls to this business due to their inability to proper run their establishment and failure to properly protect it's patrons and community from the violence that they attract. Despite hundreds of police calls to Heat Nightclub, the Ohio Liquor Control Commission recently ruled in favor of renewing the entertainment venue’s permit to sell alcohol.
on 05/11/2013, law enforcement officials were again called to the Brandt Pike establishment, this time for a shooting that claimed the life of 2 Men and sent one other to a hospital.

 Police have received 217 calls related to the nightclub since April 1, 2012, according to the department. Those calls include extra patrol, traffic stops, noise complaints, drugs and assault. We are DEMANDING that the City Council of Huber Heights & the State Of Ohio Liquor Control Commission, Take extreme measure to close the doors of this UNWANTED business. Huber Heights originally did not welcome this club and tried to prevent it from opening in the first place.

Letter to
State of Ohio Liquor Control Division
Ward 6 Ed Lyons
Ward 5 Tracy Dudley
and 10 others
Ward 4 Judy Blankenship
Ward 3 Tyler Starline
Ward 2 Karen Kaleps
Ward 1 Lu Dale
Mayor Ron Fisher
Clerk of Council Anthony Rodgers
Assistant City Manager Donnie Jones
Assistant City Manager Scott Falkowski
City Manager Dave Studebaker
Property Management Vic Green realty
I respectfully demand the immediate closure of The Heat Nightclub at 6115 Brandt Pike, Huber Heights, Ohio 45424 and the Revocation of the Owners Liquor License. There have been to many incidents of crime, and We the community never wanted this establishment in our city in the first place. Recently 2 men are left dead now in a shooting at this establishment, and 1 more injured. This is taxing our City's resources, and making it an unsafe environment for those that live next to this establishment. Please listen to the people and Close this Establishment before another person loses their life due to this place remaining open.

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