Why isn't EMUI10 available for Huawei Nova3 &Nova3i though having enough specs????

Why isn't EMUI10 available for Huawei Nova3 &Nova3i though having enough specs????

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Started by Debjyoti Acharyya

Huawei Mobiles have launched Nova 3 and Nova 3i in 2018 in India and in other countries for their Nova lineup or portfolio. These devices came with decent specs according to their prices. Nova 3 was powered by 6gb Ram & 128gb Rom with Kirin 970(company's flagship processor at that time) in the heart of it whereas Nova 3i was powered by 4GB/ 6GB of RAM and 64GB/ 128GB of onboard storage with Kirin 710(company's decent processor which is being used by them still now).

Both the devices came up with EMUI8 on top of Android8 and updated to EMUI9.1 after few via OTA updates which is a major android update itself. Now EMUI10 on top of Android10 is ready to run on Huawei devices and they provided to many devices till date but when it comes to the devices that are abovementioned they say both devices are not capable of handling the upgraded Operating System. Having said this also they are providing the updates to some other devices which are equipped with close to similar specs if not same.

The devices are-

Huawei Mate10, Huawei Mate10 Pro, Huawei P20,Huaei  P20 Pro( Have same internals like Nova3)


Huawei P30 lite, Hawei Y9, Huawei Y9 prime( Have same internals like Nova3i) 

* Honor devices are excluded though.


This petition to draw Huawei Mobiles' attention to rethink or reconsider their decision not to provide EMUI10 on Huawei Nova3 and Nova3i.

Friends, if you're having Huawei devices and very confused about their update policies sign this petition to show some support, who knows in future our devices could get EMUI10 ��.




3,165 have signed. Let’s get to 5,000!