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Huawei EMUI icons with & without borders

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Huawei is one of the biggest mobile company in the world. Since few years they are proposing high-end smartphones with interresting prices.

Huawei are listening to all customers to improve the Android OS with their own user interface since the begening. To consider something they looks about the most requested option and or feature to implement it on EMUI. So that's why i need all of you to sign with me to this petition to see implemented my suggestion in a feature update of Huawei mobile user interface (EMUI).

Personally i like the EMUI interface since EMUI 3.0. resently i bought 1 Huawei P9 Plus & 2 Huawei P9 Lite. when i bought those 3 smartphones all icons had unifed look of home screen by placing them on rounded rectangles or squares-in circles ("squircles"). But now only EMUI icons are rounded rectangles or squares-in circles third party apps have like nexus icons, Now all icons are not unified form.

I want to get back unified icons for all apps like before or just like on iOS. i did contact few times huawei they opened a case for this but they need more people who want the same thing as me.

So i know their so many peoples who wants original icons without borders around on all third party apps icons. so that's why my suggestion to Huawei was to implement an option where we can eassly activate or deactivate borders on tird party apps icons or to propose us two different type of themes pre installed on smartphone.

Please signe to this petition with me & let Huawei & me know your opinion via comments.

Have a nice day.


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