HUAWEI Bring back Bootloader Unlock Service

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Due to the political rampage by Donald Trump and his government, several companies stopped to work with the chinese company HUAWEI. Among those companies is Google, which for now stopped the supply of their Smartphone OS Android to HUAWEI and whith that they also stopped all support for their OS on HUAWEI Devices.

As of now there is no alternative OS released, there will be an OS made by HUAWEI but it is not yet know when this will happen.


In the early days there was an easy and free method for Developers to unlock the bootloader of their HUAWEI phones, to root and load every Software they where developing on their phones. Custom Operating systems or modifications to existing ones where possible and made the phones a place of innovation.

BUT HUAWEI someday decided to shut the opportunity to unlock the bootloader down, due several warranty claims, which is understandable but also sad. People should know that "playing" with the bootloader and custom software voids your warranty and everything you do to your device is your fault.

Nowadays there are several untrustworthy services taking a lot of money to send you a SINGLE bootloader unlock code, which only works once. And if you need another one, for changing your OS etc. youll need to pay again. This is outrageous!


So please HUAWEI bring back the option to Unlock Bootloader Codes via your website and give us the freedom we deserve!