HU Pool timing change

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A large number of the student body at Habib University are demanding the pool timings be changed as the current (12:00PM-5:00PM) is not suitable.

Considering the large influx of new students , the pool gets very crowded during peak hours preventing many students from utilising it properly. Most institutions open their recreational facilities by 8 A.M. For majority of us students the current timings are restrictive and clash with our class schedules allowing a limited time frame in which too many people use the pool at once. Many of us are free in the mornings and would love to use the Pool earlier.

We all suggest by opening it earlier around 9AM or 10AM , the rush gets evenly distributed allowing more space and for the swimming instructor to manage the crowd efficiently. The maintenance staff and facilities should have no issue either as in the previous semesters our swimming instructor happily opened the pool much earlier and there were no problems.

It is well understood that having a great facility like that on campus truly aids in our mental well being and physical health to destress from our daily hectic routine on campus. It would therefore  be a shame if the students cannot utilise the pool to the fullest just because of a simple timing issue. We therefore deeply insist the administration responsible for the wellness facilities to please open the pool as early as 9 A.M or 10 A.M.