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Make the release of HFC-23 (an extremely harmful greenhouse gas) illegal.

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Companies in China and India are exploiting the United Nations' carbon credit system. The goal of this system is to curb the release of gases that cause global warming. However, companies in China and India are purposely increasing production of coolant gases, so they can destroy the waste gases released during the manufacturing of these coolant gases and earn thousands of carbon credits because the byproducts of these coolant gases have a tremendous global warming effect. The companies then sell the carbon credits in international markets for millions of dollars. The United Nations and the European Union are attempting to change the system, so it cannot be abused for profit.  If this happens and these companies can no longer earn millions by exploiting the carbon credit system, then they will release these harmful waste gases into the atmosphere instead of destroying them. In most developed countries this practice is illegal. However, China and India permit this devastating release of one of the worst global warming gases. This practice must be made illegal in all countries. China and India should not be allowed to act irresponsibly. Tell China and India to make the release of HFC-23 illegal. See The New York Times article "Profits on Carbon Credits Drive Output of a Harmful Gas" by Elisabeth Rosenthal and Andrew W. Lehren for more information

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