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Take Atheism seriously. Stop theists from flagging posts on atheism pages.

We are petitioning you to take a stand against other Facebook users who troll or visit Atheism Facebook pages and flag atheism posts. When atheists mention that “no god exists,” those posts get flagged by theists, which causes Facebook’s automated system to ban or disable many atheists accounts without provocation.

We are petitioning you to begin taking Facebook Atheism pages seriously, and to stop all Facebook flagging capabilities on ALL Atheism pages, and allow ONLY those who are the atheism administrators of their own page to flag and ban users from their own page. Only an atheism page administrator should be allowed to flag or ban a user from their own atheism page. The current automated flagging system is unfair, as many theists indiscriminately flag atheists simply out of spite and hatred toward atheists for not believing in a god. The ability for theists to flag atheists on atheism pages needs to stop immediately.

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    Mark Zuckerberg - Facebook

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