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Save The Strings

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Dearest Puppets,

You all know, That no matter your beliefs, age, weight, religion; I will ALWAYS love you. Not for what you are, But who you are. Thus, My way. I want all of you to have hope, Feel like you have sanctuary and support, Whether you believe in one thing and not the other.

Recently, A group of people randomly attacked some good puppets and myself included.
This was not only unfair but unjust to the good puppets of this cyber-circus.
Not only has this organization attacked innocent people, But have formed their 'Righteous' acts off of verbal abuse.

They want to delete my channel, Take everything away that I've worked hard to obtain and everything you Puppets love and have come to know.

Do not want these unjustified bullies to take over? Join this String Army. Together we shall win anything. This is not only freedom of speech and beliefs being violated, But a pure slap-in-the-face to people who are peaceful. 

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