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Freedom of Marshville

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Marhsville, Louisiana, United States.

May 2017.

Following the discovery of the mummified remains of a human being who apparently lived many years ago, historians, archaeologists and other members of the scientific community moved to the place with the purpose of knowing more about the origin of these remains.

Marshville was in the sights of the American government, which after this finding wants to make sure that everything goes perfectly. To this end, he sent a military party to the site to ensure the proper conduct of the investigations in the area and to avoid the occurrence of altercations. The main thing is to seek the protection of the remains and to prepare the transfer of the same to a safe area where they can be examined in detail.

The inhabitants of Marshville feel that, for the first time, someone has noticed their small town, which seems to bring with them great economic benefits to it. However, some of them, the most blinded by religion, have begun to condemn the finding since, along with the remains, were pagan objects of ancient religions, presage that something bad is coming to have brought to light which must have remained underground.

The situation changed suddenly, when some animals began to show aggressive behaviors seeking to attack humans. This situation culminated with the attack of a herd of raccoons to the military sent to the zone whose camp was established in the neighborhoods of the town, in the place of the find.

Faced with the possibility that the attack is due to a virus of unknown origin at present, unearthed with the remains found, government authorities have decided to proceed to quarantine the town, surrounding it with fences and leaving inside anyone who has been able to have contact with the virus. It is expected to be a temporary measure to contain what could be an epidemic, whose symptoms are still uncertain, as is its form of transmission.

Is God testing the inhabitants of Marshville? Or is it the believers themselves who choose to take refuge in faith to hope for salvation rather than to accept what is to come?

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