IP Ban for Krunker Hackers + Votekick System [High Priority]

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Krunker has become unplayable because of hackers, and I urge all players who "HATE HACKERS" to sign this petition (only takes 5 seconds) to ask the developer to make a system to put permanent ban on the "user" and his "IP" so he can't use either his IP or his account anymore.

Current system of punishing hackers is extremely poor as it just stops them from getting new skins, and then lets them keep on playing and hacking even more, which has gotten from bad to worse. Even the "Anti-cheat" devs made has failed miserably and new aimbots are already up and running, these hackers ruin the gameplay for everyone and genuine players are suffering because of that.

Hacks Page reports (240K Installs + 1500 Daily Installs). So I ask all players who "HATE HACKERS" to sign this petition and "#MakeKrunkerSafeAgain"